Contextual Statement


I am paramedic lecturer who still spends time on frontline ambulances practicing as an Intensive Care Paramedic. I started my ambulance career in Auckland in 2003, and spent three years in Abu Dhabi as part of a new ambulance company, returning to NZ in 2014 to take up a post with AUT. At the end of 2014, I completed an MBA through Manchester Business School in the UK, and have recently embarked on a Doctor of Health Science programme though AUT. My chosend topic will look at depression within paramedicine and how to build a resilience progrmme for paramedics.

Having completed a post graduate certificate in education, I can see there’s a huge amount of scope to incorporate the use of technology to facilitate paramedic learning. With so much technology, a big question is which technology and gadgets would be best suited to paramedic education – and this will continue to evolve.

I am currently paper leader for Prehospital Clinical Assessment, a second year paper in the undergraduate paramedic programme. I am a member of Paramedics Australasia.

CMALT accreditation

I wish to become a leader within my department and discipline that uses technology to drive innovation within education. Moving forward, I believe that CMALT accreditation will provide a great framework to explore technology and also give me credibility in its use within paramedic education.


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